Host Fun and Effective Online Meetings

Creative collaboration works best when it's fun. In this 20 minute course, you'll learn to host effective workshops and use a new tool called Butter.

If you don't love it and aren't more creative after the course, you'll get your money back and I'll send you a stick of butter.

What Students Are Saying

Virtual collaboration is difficult, and Scott Meyer truly gets this! Buttered Host is an amazing way to learn how to do this - and use Butter to its fullest! Plus just have way more fun along the way!
-Jakob Knutzen, Co-Founder of Butter

Great online facilitation starts with empathy for others. It then requires an understanding of learning outcomes that translate empathy into action to benefit everyone involved. With his years straddling academia and entrepreneurship, Scott is uniquely placed to do just this.
-Andrew Barry, Program Director of On Deck Course Creators and Founder of Curious Lion

We tried out one of the icebreakers with our team - everyone had a great time, both reacting and thinking up prompts!

...We did include a "hands in the air" rule though, to ensure no screenshots ;)
-Sarah Russell-Harms, Program Manager II at Amazon Alexa

Omg! It's only been the first 3 mins and I love it. 20 mins courses are going to be next big thing.

You’ll love it if you want to dial up your online facilitation skills.
-Aarushi Singhania, Founding Coach at Maven and Mentor for On Deck Course Creators

Spark Engagement

Stop Zoom fatigue in its tracks with workshops that get the best from all participants.

You'll see cameras on and ideas flowing with the best icebreakers, the ideal size of group, the smoothest agenda for a session, and the most important action steps every session should have.

Uncover Ideas

Get the cameras on and ideas flowing by incorporating fun in you next workshop.

You'll learn the science behind effective brainstorming and the best tools and tactics to create an inclusive and successful group session.

Add a Bit of Butter

Butter is a new tool specifically designed for creative online collaborations. You'll learn how to use Butter and how to compares to other tools.

You don't need to use Butter to get fun and ideas from this course - but you might just want to!

You'll Learn To:

-Build a foundation for creativity by learning the science behind ideation and collaboration

-Kickstart creativity and get cameras on with the best icebreakers, collaboration tactics, and breakout room strategies

-Inspire ideation with
brainwriting, brainstorming, and brainsharing

-Integrate tools like Miro, Butter, and Google Docs for effective group work

-Take Action with delegation and execution plans

Your Fun Investment

Buttered Host is a one-time, $20 investment for a lifetime of better facilitation and creativity.

Your investment includes access to current and future lessons.

If you're not 100% satisfied, I will refund your investment and send you a stick of butter 🧈.

More About Scott

I'm an entrepreneur, educator, and passionate community builder. I've taught courses on online presentations and built virtual education platforms.

I want you to join me because Zoom calls are boring, predictable, and don't reflect what's possible online. I want to share the science behind creativity with you and help you reimagine what's possible online with just 20 minutes of practice.

Collaborate Better

We spend hours each day collaborating online.

Take just 20 minutes to harness the superpower of effective and creative collaboration.

Come join the fun today.

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If you're not happy, let me know and I'll send you butter.